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Metricity is disrupting the $5B talent management space with technology that has proven success with large DoD clients. Backed and inspired by years of high-level, sophisticated algorithms developed for the US military, Metricity makes big data simple, accessible and actionable.

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About Metricity:  

Metricity has developed enhanced assessment technology for commercial clients, providing better tools to assess, manage and improve talent, while improving overall employee engagement. Many companies still struggle with paper-based processes or are encumbered by expensive ERP or HRIS systems that are often too burdensome, underutilized and filled with the wrong types of data for effective talent management. Metricity is an integrated software system, marrying an iPad/smart phone app with a powerful assessment platform. 

About Aptima:

Metricity was launched by Boston based Aptima to commercialize Aptima’s deep expertise in human centered engineering, which focuses mainly on how humans perform and learn in today's technology-rich, networked environments.

For over 20 years, Aptima has been solving complex problems and providing solutions in defense, homeland security, healthcare, aviation and cyber security. Aptima has also amassed a significant intellectual property portfolio.